About me

After graduating from Indian River State College with my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice last year, I took advantage of the opportunity to return as a guest director for a few of the shows during the 2016-2017 season. It was an exhilarating experience where I learned a lot more about acting, directing, time management, organization, and coordinating with multiple parties. While I was completing my degree, I performed in various theatre productions including musicals, farces, dramas, and dinner theatre mysteries. I also have experience as a brand ambassador, film actress, dancer, model, and spokesperson as well. Recently I enjoyed a musical theatre/acting workshop lead by Michael Leeds and hosted by the South Florida Theatre League. Looking forward, I'd like to dabble in several different creative outlets. I'd definitely like to explore areas where I don't have as much experience such as radio or film, but theatre will always be the outlet that holds my passion. 





Throughout my high school and college years, (and currently) I also have a day/night job serving tables. When I'm not working, I love bowling, roller skating, and reading. I alternate between fiction and non-fiction, but right now I'm finishing up the Earthrise series by Daniel Arenson. Family and friends are also a big part of my life, including my fur-daughter, Biscuit Anne Gravee (golden doodle).