Hi there! :)

I'm a FL girl living in LA & I'm committed to living a life filled with love, adventure, and contribution! I'm on the west coast exploring film, modeling, yoga, hikes, and what it's like living in a city! I'm originally from a little town on the Treasure Coast. (Shout out to all my peeps that I love and miss so much from back home! Thanks for all of your support!) Cali has certainly been an adventure so far and I know there's loads more to explore!

Things that are important to me include art, minimalism, "zero"-waste, renewable resources, animals, fitness and nutrition, trying new things, family, and community. <3

Let's create inspiring possibilities together! 

ME & the Bis at the Grand Canyon!


Kelly Frances Fischer

 captivating crowds with. .    authenticity & dedication  

Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Color: Pink

Personality type: ENFJ-T

Fur-baby: Biscuit Anne Gravee

Birth city: Fort Lauderdale

Hometown: Sebastian

Yays: Beach, Rowing, Food

Nays: Sour Cream, Coffee, Dry hands

Movies: In Bruges & The Big Lebowski

Fav apps: DuoLingo, Elevate, Strava 

Special thanks to: Passion Planner, Landmark and my family & friends