Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Color: Pink

Personality type: ENFJ-T

Current read: Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

Relationship status: Taken, Michael Edward Hurst II <3

Children: 2-Biscuit Anne Gravee & Ponce de Lion

Birth city: Fort Lauderdale

Hometown: Sebastian/Vero

3 Yays: Beach, Rowing, Food

3 Nays: Sour Cream, Coffee, Dry hands

Movies: In Bruges & The Big Lebowski

Fav apps: DuoLingo, Mindfulness & Elevate

Tattoos/piercings: none/ears & belly button

Special thanks to: Passion Planner, Landmark Forum, Simon Sinek, and my family and friends


Areas of interest

Quick facts

I've officially relocated to LA!!! (I am very excited-as you can tell by the excessive exclamation points.) I am still getting settled out here but I am going to bust into the food service and film industries first things first! I am also keeping my eyes open for modeling and theatre opportunities! I'd also-also like to snag an internship working to protect/preserve our environment and communities.

Aside from over-booking myself with all of the above, I am interested in plant-based foods, versatile/efficient fashion, alternative medicine and energy, and minimalism. I think it is important to understand the relationships we create with ourselves, others, and the environment. Everything is connected and now is the time to make choices that benefit everyone involved.

Kelly Frances Fischer


captivating crowds with authenticity     & dedication