Quick facts!

About me.

Kelly Frances Fischer

captivating crowds with authenticity     & dedication  


Hey there :) I'm Kelly & I've recently relocated to LA (from FL) to pursue the dream of making art & inspiring others!

I think art is so important because it breaks through all the agreement realities we've created as a society and gives us a chance to truly connect with each other.

I like to dabble in various industries/platforms such as fashion, film, theatre, and food!

I am also interested in contributing to our communities by way of plant-based foods, versatile/efficient fashion, alternative medicine and energy, and minimalism.

Huge THANK YOU to everyone that has inspired me to help create the world we desire & I'm looking forward to joining forces with YOU in future!

Zodiac sign: Aquarius 

Color: Pink

Personality type: ENFJ-T

Current read: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Fur-baby: Biscuit Anne Gravee

Birth city: Fort Lauderdale

Hometown: Sebastian/Vero

3 Yays: Beach, Rowing, Food

3 Nays: Sour Cream, Coffee, Dry hands

Movies: In Bruges & The Big Lebowski

Fav apps: DuoLingo, Mindfulness & Elevate

Special thanks to: Passion Planner, Landmark, Simon Sinek, and my family and friends